A Corner Coffee Christmas.

It's this time of year, when I'm away from the comforts of my home setup where I find a whole new appreciation and love for my Aeropress.

Alan Adler revolutionised the coffee game back in 2005 with this simple full immersion brewer. It always gets pushed to the back of the shelf in favour of my V60 or Rancillio Silvia. But time away from home when I'm craving my favourite brew, the aeropress comes into its own.

You don't need scales, you don't need to be super finicky and push the beans to their limits. Its just.. good. Consistently good.

But, I'm very much the sort of person that likes to bring scales with me and push that super weird yeast ferm natural Ethiopian that tastes like strawberry cheesecake to the limits of physical enjoyment.

I've currently been playing around with a French press style brew as I've been craving a heavier bodied coffee over the last few days during Christmas break. For this, we need a reusable metal filter as the original paper filters take all that oily goodness out of the cup.

We're going to brew inverted for this method, so set the aeropress up and pre-heat the brewer as we're going to be steeping for over 10 minutes. After the aeropress is hot, dump the water out and add 16g of medium/coarse ground coffee. Today, im using Nomads Bombe, Ethiopia.

Add 45g of just off boil water and bloom for 30s making sure you give a good swirl to saturate all the grounds. Then top up with 195g of water for a 1:15 ratio, place the cap on to keep temp and wait!

At 5 minutes, take the cap off carefully and gently break the crust with the back of a spoon and clear the remaining grounds.

Place the metal filter into the cap, screw on securely and carefully place the aeropress in the upright position on your favourite cup. Now we wait another 5 minutes for the grounds to settle and create a nice flat bed. Doing this, means that our delicious brew will be naturally filtered through the coffee bed, resulting in a less silty cup.

At 10 minutes gently press the plunger, it should take around 30-40s to clear the brewer and enjoy!

I'm getting blueberry pie on the nose, with a very balanced sweetness. Heaps of darkfruit throughout with a gorgeous body and a slight tropical/ funky finish.

- Adam Musitano