Aeropress-o Martini

What are your match day plans?

If your answer is anything other than making Aeropress-o Martinis and watching the game then you're doing it wrong! We've got two killer recipes for you in this post, the Classic and the Elevated Espresso Martini.


The Classic
 - 50ml Espresso
 - 50ml Vodka (we're using Smirnoff Vanilla)
 - 25ml 1:1 Simple Syrup



First up, we need to make our simple syrup. Boil your water and combine 50ml hot water to 50g golden caster sugar and stir to dissolve, this will bring all the sweetness we want to the final drink.

Grind 20g Espresso beans fine - medium. For this, we're using our house Espresso, BS1 from Triple Co Roast, this will give us a good flavour profile, without tasting bitter.

Add the grinds to your inverted Aeropress and top up with 80ml of boiled water and stir gently to saturate the grounds. Leave this to brew for 1 minute, then plunge hard to build a little pressure.

Add the Vodka, Espresso and Simple syrup to your shaking tin with ice and shake like your life depends on it.

Serve up, garnish with coffee beans and enjoy.



The Elevated

 - 50ml 1:4 Cold Brew
 - 50ml White Rum (we're using El Dorado 3yr)
 - 25ml Coffee Liqueur (we're using Mr. Blacks)
 - 25ml Earl Grey Simple Syrup
 - 5 drops Chocolate Bitters



For this Elevated Espresso Martini recipe we need to pre plan a bit! We're going to make a cold brew concentrate, which will brew over 12 hours to create a mellow and balanced brew. This is going to be the perfect base for the cocktail.

Grind 50g of light roasted coffee - coarse, and put into your inverted Aeropress. For this recipe, we're using a Natural Ethiopian from Abracadabra.

Add 200ml of cold water and leave for 12 hours. After brewing, flip the Aeropress and place on your vessel. leave to settle for 10 minutes before pressing to help the coffee bed settle.

Next, steep one heaped tablespoon (10g) of Earl Grey tea for 3 minutes in 50ml of off boil water. Add 50g golden caster sugar, stir to dissolve then strain with a fine mesh sieve.

Add your Rum, Cold Brew, Coffee Liqueur, Earl Grey Syrup and bitters to your shaker with ice and again, shake like your life depends on it. Strain into your slightly nicer glass and garnish with chocolate powder.

This Elevated Espresso Martini is a lot lighter than its Classic counter part, it brings a lot more fruit notes and complexity!


- Adam Musitano